I just wanted to thank you for signing us up with your credit card processing. We saved close to $2,200.00 last year in processing fees with you. Your customer service and help with setting everything up was great and it was an easy and smooth transition.  Also letting you know I referred several other business peers to give you a call so you can help them as well.

Dennis, President of Rosedale Cars


I would like to take a minute to write my appreciation for all the services that Mike at KC Payment has provided. He has been prompt and punctual whenever there has been the rare instances that involved server issues. I also genuinely trust him from an honesty standpoint, and he’s always quite friendly to my customers when he shows up during my hours of operation. Thank you for the continued support in my small business.

Drew, owner of Drew’s Pro Shop


-We enlisted Mike’s help in order to make our customer service experience the best that it could be, and also to help streamline our receivables. Mike and the crew at KC Payment offer great technical support which makes it easier for me to operate my plumbing company.

Douglas, owner of Stine-Nichols Plumbing Inc.


I love how I process credit cards on my phone.  KC Payment has made it very easy and simple to use.  They have also saved my company on not having hidden fees.

Chaz, owner of Brantley Pest