Terminal Processing

Credit Card Processing With Fees Under 1%

  • Less Expensive Than Competitors
    We are committed to providing you the lowest cost for your payment processing We don’t lure in with the promise of a low rate you will never see. We also educate you on how most processors charge their rates and provide our customers with the lowest rates possible: which are wholesale rates.
  • No Setup, No Application Fees, No Cancellation Fees, No Contract
    The other guys like to charge extra fees. We don’t think that is right. Each day we strive to improve the service we offer our customer. Our success is only possible because of our customer’s success.
  • Customized Account Set-up
    Your business is unique. Your merchant account should be too. We offer multitude of equipment options, many software and gateway options, flexible pricing structures. There are over 450 different types of cards and multiple ways to accept each card: each variation can impact the transaction price. Our highly trained staff works to customize each account to fit your individual business needs. Each KC Payment account is customized to ensure that your business pays the smallest amount possible.
  • EMV and Apple Pay Compatible
    EMV is a payment technology standard for debit and credit card transactions. It provides transaction security features, reduces the risk of card-present fraud, and provides other application capabilities that aren’t available with magnetic stripe cards. This improved security protocol uses a unique code for each transaction, which is passed along with the card information to the bank for verification. This form of authentication makes it more difficult to use skimmed or copied card data.


I would like to take a minute to write my appreciation for all the services that Mike at KC Payment has provided. He has been prompt and punctual whenever there has been the rare instances that involved server issues. I also genuinely trust him from an honesty standpoint, and he’s always quite friendly to my customers when he shows up during my hours of operation. Thank you for the continued support in my small business.

Drew, owner of Drew’s Pro Shop