INSTORE POS Processing

Instore merchants enjoy promotions, analytics, rewards, payments, and more built right in, so business can be simple.

Customer Rewards
Find your best customers, track their purchases, and keep them coming back without giving away the store.

Workflow & Reporting
Track performance ten different ways.  Manage employees simply and efficiently.  Promote your business to attract new customers

No-Fee Gift Cards
Use our integrated processing and gift cards.  Drive repeat visits by enabling customers to have an exclusive form of payment to your business.


After using 3 other POS platforms, I was elated to discover Instore.   Instore is the first system that has fully served my business in all capacities.  It is user friendly, has a simple interface and a fabulous back end.  Cold Smoke Coffeehouse would not be where we are today without the great product that Instore has provided.

Caleb, Owner of Cold Smoke Coffeehouse

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